The new training centre contains specialist equipment with live appliances, chimney products and fuel displays so delegates can see and experience a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers in one location for both our HETAS Training Courses & Sure Fire Training Courses. In a first for the wood burning and solid fuel industry Sure Fire Technical Services offer practical training for new entrants to the industry with the opportunity to install open fire and stove in a safe and supervised location rather than practicing in a customer's home.

Recent developments include providing suitable training provisions for NVQ courses in chimney engineering and solid fuel appliance installation and in the near future we will be extending the course list to become a full renewable energy training centre. With the changes to the building regulations and the Health and Safety regulations, it is difficult for a company director/manager or a self-employed tradesman to keep pace with their responsibilities.

Did you know? - Following the changes to Health & Safety law it is now the companies Resp.nsibility to ensure they make themselves aware of the safety regulations and follow them! Statutory instrument 440 means the installer must be registered with HETAS as a competent person or ensure that building control approval is in place before any work on solid fuel chimneys, fireplaces or appliance installation is carried out.

All personnel working at heights must be trained to do so before they commence work! Approved document J of the Building Regulations requires testing and reporting on chimneys prior to them being put into, or brought back into, use! In this day and age, can you afford not to ensure the safety of yourself, your employees and your customers?