SF2 + SF3 Stove and flexible liner installer course

1 day (£370 + vat)

There are a number of stoves on site, any of which can be installed either top outlet or rear outlet, and can be fitted into one of the two chimneys built on site with the intention of assessing the chimney suitability for any of the appliances chosen to fit.

The course also covers the installation of a flexible flue liner and includes the actual installation of the flue lining into a brick chimney. This course will include looking at varying makes of flue liner and their installation instructions to assess the variations that exist.

The delegates will install a 5 m length of lining into a brick chimney that has been constructed with a corbelled offset. The front of the chimney has been left exposed to enable the installer to see if any damage has been done during the installation and the final lining will be tested with a pressure tester to ensure its full compliance.

This course, and the installation carried out on it, may be used to form a part of the delegate’s portfolio or detailed work CV of relevant experience when applying to a competent person’s registration scheme, a certificate of compliance will be issued to enable proof to be provided in this portfolio.



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