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Sports nutrition is important for the health protection of athletes increased endurance and good concentration and attention ability diet chef offers special. Energy and nutrient requirements vary according to age, gender, weight, paint, sport, and frequency. With an athlete’s nutrition, the main goal should be to protect athletes’ health and increase their performance. It is seen that an adequate and well-fed athlete has a higher performance than a poorly fed athlete. In addition, growth and development curves are seen to be smooth. It appears that the body pain is at the desired limit and the concentration is higher. If you are interested in the diet chef offers special you will like our article definitely. At we wanted to share our secrets. Here are the details:

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The athlete’s nutrition should include the energy required to be fed and enough fluid intake. The body spends more calories during the exercise compared to the moment of rest. Therefore, the energy and nutrient needs of athletes are higher. In general, the diet chef offers special of athletes should be rich in carbohydrates, normal in protein, and slightly below normal in fat content. Since the fluid loss of athletes is higher than normal individuals, the amount of water drunk should be increased. In general, the daily calorie needs of athletes can be between 2000-5000 calories. The calorie requirement of each athlete varies.

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What should be the ideal body weight and fat percentage of athletes?

The athlete’s weight affects the amount of fat in his body, the amount of lean tissue, the mass of fluid, his success in sport, speed, strength, and endurance. It would not be correct to evaluate only the weight of the athletes. In addition, body fat amount and muscle mass must be measured and evaluated. For example, in some sports such as bodybuilding and weightlifting, body weight may be high. The reason for this is that although the fat rate is normal, the muscle mass is high.

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Some important suggestions for athletes who want to lose weight

*Follow a nutrition plan that is tailor-made and can meet your daily nutritional needs.

*The daily calorie should be reduced by 10-20% and a weight loss of 0.5-1 kg is aimed per week.

*Prefer low-fat milk and dairy products. Eat lean meat, chicken, and fish.

*Make 3 main and 3 snacks a day and adjust the intervals to 2.5 -3 hours. Be careful not to skip meals and eat regularly.

*Increase daily fluid consumption.

*Instead of white bread, consume brown bread varieties such as whole wheat, bran, and rye.


In order for the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K to be taken into the body and digestive problems are not experienced, the source of fat must be taken into the body.

Fats can be used as an energy source for the body, especially in exercises such as long-term aerobics. That’s why even the weakest athlete needs to have fat in his body.

In athletes, 20-25% of the daily energy should come from fat.

As excess fat consumption may suppress carbohydrate intake, these values should not be exceeded in the athlete’s diet program and athlete’s diet.

Studies have found that fat intake below 15% of daily energy can adversely affect performance. Therefore, a very high and low level of oil consumption should be avoided.

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