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Eddie Hall diet plan

Should Athletes Consume Ergogenic Products?

Today, whether amateur or professional, athletes prefer supportive products to meet their lost energy or to support muscle growth. There are many ergogenic products on the market, such as athlete products, creatine, protein powder, ginseng, and vitamins. Before these products are consumed, attention should be paid to many features such as age, gender, the sport of interest, the athlete to be an amateur or a professional.

Products should be evaluated for their health and performance effects before consumption. In order for the ergogenic products to have a positive effect on the increase in performance, the right product should be chosen and used at the right time and amount. That is why professional help must be obtained. The doctor and dietitian should be consulted before using the products in order to avoid negative effects on health.

eddie hall diet plan

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How Accurate is the Use of Protein Powder to Build Muscle Fast?

Bodybuilding is the method of developing body muscles that are becoming more and more widespread in the world, especially preferred by men. These people usually have the highest level of muscle mass; they aim to keep the fat percentage to a minimum. The frequency of use of commercial products used for this purpose has increased worldwide.

Eddie Hall diet cost

The most preferred commercial products are protein powders, creatine, and steroid hormones. Before using these products aimed at increasing muscle mass, information about their effects on the body should be obtained. Protein powders are the most popular product among people and are especially preferred by those who practice weight training. By increasing the amount of protein taken with the diet, protein powders may not be required.

Eddie Hall diet 2021/ 2022 plans

However, in some cases, the amount of protein needed in especially heavy training periods may not be met with nutrients and these products are needed. It is necessary to pay attention to the needed protein first with nutrients; If it is insufficient, it is the testing of these products. Even during intensive training periods, a maximum of 2 g / kg of protein should be taken daily.

Eddie Hall diet challenge

As a result of a study of 10 bodybuilding men using 300-550 gr steroids per day at Columbia University, it was concluded that these individuals had kidney failure. According to the results of a study conducted by Hawler Medical Institute, acute kidney failure was observed in 4 bodybuilders who used steroids and consumed 15 g creatine and 78-104 g whey protein powder per day. Considering all these results, care should be taken when consuming commercial products. It should be remembered that there may be damages that are difficult to recycle.

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