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Today, as fitness and diet website we will talk about low calorie beer UK. If you are a good beer drinker, this article is just for you. We will review the low calorie beer UK details for our visitors. All details will be given in our article. If you wonder about the details of the low calorie beer subject, here we go!

Low calorie beer brand list in the United Kingdom

Which Low Calorie Beer How Many Calories?

Alcohol consumption is very common worldwide. The oldest of the consumed alcohols is beer. Beer is a light alcoholic beverage made from barley. According to the legend, the fact that the barley seed waited for a while in the water provided the discovery of beer. The barley waiting in the water has become fermented and has a feeling of intoxication. Of course, it is not known what the accuracy of this information is, but to get a real beer, the barley must have become malt. It then goes through the drying and grinding processes and after a while, it is consumed as an alcoholic beverage as fermented.

There are many types of beer that take it is a place in alcohol sections. Those with low or high levels of alcohol, non-alcoholic beers, aromas beers, and many more attract attention. Nutritionists say beer is a weight gain drink. The high calorie is threatening health. In order to clarify this issue, we prepared your beer calorie information. It is time for those who are dieting to learn some details. How many calories beer contains and its effect on weight gain are on this page. Let’s take a look at the calories that beer contains!

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Most Popular Low Calorie Beer Brands in the UK

How many calories are in beer? Low calorie beer in the UK

The lightest of alcoholic beverages is beer. If you consume beer frequently, it is recommended to check your daily dose. Beer in excessive consumption may be one of the drinks that make you gain weight. After heavy beer consumption, your risk of getting fat around your waist and belly is very high. Therefore, we recommend that you review the number of beer calories listed:

1 33 cl beer: 139 calories

1 50 cl beer: 210 calories

1 cup of beer: 84 calories

How Many Calories Is Guinness Beer?

Guinness is one of the brewing companies. You can find Guinness branded beers in abundance in alcohol sections. If you make your beer selection for the Guinness brand, the calories in the beers of this company are as follows:

How many calories 1 Guinness beer: 215 calories

How many calories in a 50 cl Guinness beer: 215 calories

How Many Calories in Stella Artois Beer?

Stella Artois is one of the skinny brands lagers that started beer production in 1969. By producing many types of beer, it has managed to offer options to those who consume alcohol. If we are to express the calorie of the Stella Artois skinny branded beer according to its varieties, the following table draws attention:

How many calories in a 33 cl bottle of beer: 139

1 50 cl bottle of beer: 210 calories

1 Stella Artois beer: 225 calories

1 bottle of Stella Artois beer: 183 calories

1 Stella Artois box beer: 126 calories

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