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Rosemary Conley In order to avoid problems such as fatigue, fatigue, and weight loss, calories should be taken as much as the energy consumed daily and the diet of athletes should be prepared accordingly. The carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral values required by the sports nutrition program should be provided to the body through nutrients. The main energy source of the body is carbohydrates. Rosemary Conley diet reviews, therefore, the consumption of carbohydrates should be higher than protein and fat sources. At we will give amazing tips today. Here we go:

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The energy that each athlete should receive according to age, height, weight, health status, and the sport he/she is engaged in varies.

Inadequate energy intake can cause weight loss and weakness. Therefore, a sufficient amount of calories should be provided to the body.

The energy that athletes receive during the day may differ between 2000-5000 calories. This value may be higher in endurance sports.

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Carbohydrate source foods are the main energy source, especially for athletes.

Complex carbohydrate sources such as rice, pasta, bread, vegetables, and legumes should be included in the nutrition program of athletes.

Carbohydrates taken with nutrients are stored as glycogen in muscle and liver.

Thanks to the high-carb diet, athletes can increase these glycogen stores 1.5-2 times. Excessive glycogen stores in athletes mean increased durability.

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Therefore, most of the daily intake of energy is carbohydrate sources. 60-65% of the energy taken daily in athletes should come from carbohydrate source foods.

In endurance sports, this value can be up to 70%. The amount of carbohydrates to be taken can also be calculated based on body weight.

5-10 g / kg carbohydrate can be taken daily depending on the duration and intensity of the exercise.

A person who trains for 1 hour a day should take 5-6g / kg of carbohydrates daily. For 3-4 hours, it is enough to take 8-10 g / kg carbohydrate daily.

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Protein plays an important role in protecting the body from external microbes, repairing damaged tissues, and muscle damage due to exercise.

In short-term exercises, protein sources do not supply the body with energy. It contributes to 2-5% energy only in long-term exercises.

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The effect of protein on the increase in muscle mass is valid for those who are new to sports. Increasing protein consumption in the first 3-4 weeks of exercise can also increase muscle mass.

Excessive protein consumption in athletes does not increase muscle mass; It has been observed in studies that this increase in muscle mass results from training.

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Protein needs can be met from animal products such as milk and dairy products, meat, eggs, fish, and chicken and legume sources. Check out the healthiest food sources that contain protein right now.

12-15% of daily calories should come from protein. This value can also be calculated per kilogram.

Depending on body weight, 1.2 -1.4 g / kg of protein can be taken daily.

Protein intake above the body requirement may cause fatigue of the liver and kidneys and calcium excretion from the body.

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