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How to do deadlift movement to have a perfect butt?

This movement is often used to strengthen and form the lower back muscles. But a small adjustment in the practice of the movement is very effective in both the Gluteus and Hamstring muscles.

When practicing the movement, you will feel this difference immediately when your legs are completely straight and your knees are broken and fully bent forward. In fact, your lower back muscles are affected, but rather you will feel complete tension in the back leg muscles.

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In order to avoid any discomfort in your waist during the application, you should be in a stable position with slow and controlled motion and without straining your waist.

When you lean forward, when you feel full tension in the back leg muscles, you should go back to the starting position slowly and with your body right upright.

Another variation of the movement is an application under your feet, keeping you higher than the ground, on a bench or platform.

Anytime Fitness Raynes Park reviews

In this, the back leg muscles are subjected to a deeper contraction as the body can lean more forward. But it is necessary to protect the waist again because such an application of the movement forces the waist more. The movement can be applied in the same way with both dumbbells.

You should treat this exercise as normal body care. You have to make it a lifestyle and add it to your general sports program. You should concentrate and apply this movement completely on your hip and leg muscles. If you do this, you will have no problems with your leg and hip form, which is always your fearful dream, and you will be happy and fit in every part of your life.

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Eccentric Deadlifts, 12 reps

Your feet are slightly bent at the hip opening, your dumbbells start moving in front of you. The height of your hip is fixed, bend your knees and bend forward. Your hips will go back at the same time. Keep your back straight while keeping your dumbbells close to your legs. Your stomach should be tight. Try to do some movement again.

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Three-Pulse Squat Jumps, 12 reps

With your hands holding the dumbbells on both sides, your feet start moving in the hip opening. Your hips should be fixed while sitting in the Squat position. You should bend your knees. Your hips need to be parallel to the floor. Stretch up and down 3 times from this position. Keep your back and chest straight. Slowly return to the squat position and repeat the movement.

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The Move of Lateral Lunges

While you are keeping the dumbbells in front, you should open your hip widely. Take a wide step sideways with one leg. Break your knees back by breaking your knees with your other leg. Your stomach should be tight and your back straight. Go to starting status and repeat the movement.

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The Move of Kneeling Side Kicks

You need to move your knees while you keep them under the hips and your shoulders. You should put a dumbell behind your knee. Open your leg to the side of your hips by holding the dumbbell with your knee. Go to the starting status and repeat the movement.

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