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Energie Fitness Kentish town: Best Leg Muscle Movements! (Leg Anatomy)

The way to work our leg muscles well is through knowing the anatomy. If we know where and which muscles are in our leg muscles, we can work towards this and make a much better exercise choice for our deficiencies.

Energie Fitness Kentish Town reviews for bodybuilding and fitness for women

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Energie Fitness Kentish town: Hind Leg Movements (Hamstring)

The top 3 hamstring exercises are as follows:

1- Deadlift, Stiff leg Deadlift, and Romanian Deadlift

2- Isolated hamstring exercises like Leg Curl in the gym

3- Nordic Hamstring Curl, back leg exercise that can be done anywhere:

Calf Muscle Exercises

The importance of genetics is very important in calf muscles. While you can improve your leg muscles in some way, developing your calf muscles is very difficult if your genetics are bad.

Especially if you are an athlete who does this sport naturally and your calf genetics are bad, you may be in trouble.

Even if you raise the upper part of your leg muscles to a sufficient level, your calf muscles may remain small. As we have mentioned, the genetic factor is very important here, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to train our calf muscles.

Do not forget to work even if it does not come to the desired dimensions. Try to strengthen your muscle. You may think it’s boring and time-consuming, but nevertheless, make these muscle groups active too.

If we leave the genetic factors aside, how can we develop these muscles, what exercises should we practice?

Standing Calf Machine: M.Gastronemius

In the standing calf raises, if the feet are facing outwards, M. Gastronemius’ inner head works. If the feet are turned inward, the outer head of M.Gastronemius works harder.

Seated Calf Raise: M. Soleus

Jump Rope on Fingertip: Skipping rope will actively exercise your calf muscles and is a very effective exercise for cardio. Do not neglect.

We recommend working out for calf muscles at least 2 times a week. It will be enough to work 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions from 2 moves.

Information about Energie fitness Kentish Town: Best fitness reviews for women and men

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Leg Workout at Home

You can review the articles on our site to develop leg muscles at home, stay connected, we will also share new articles.

Energie Fitness Kentish town: Genetic Factor for Leg Muscles

As with any muscle group, the genetics of our leg muscles are also very important. If you have good genetics, it is inevitable to have big and aesthetic legs.

As we mentioned, our leg muscles are large muscle groups and consist of many muscles, and their development will take a long time. You will have to do many things right. So continue your workouts without giving up steadily.

Body types (ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph) can be important in your leg development. Some may even have a large leg without working out the leg.

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