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Fitness 4 less guide for sporter women


What can be done to prevent rawness pain?

In this article, we have examined how to get rid of rawness pain and what can be done to prevent it. You can see the details below:

One of the most important reasons for experiencing pain in the absence of warm-up movements before starting the exercise and stretching exercises after finishing the exercise. Before starting the workout, the body should be prepared for training by doing a few minutes of jogging, walking, or cultural physique movements. At the end of the training, slight aerobic movements, a light walking program, or stretching exercises can be done to minimize the risk of bruising and disability in the muscles.

How do I cancel my membership at Fitness 4 Less?

fitness4 less

Sudden changes to the training program can cause pregnancy pain. It is important to choose suitable movements for the physical structure of the person and to make the changes to the training program by the sports trainer who is an expert in his field. Attention should be paid to breaks between sets and regular breathing. In order for the muscles damaged during exercise to recover, high protein foods should be consumed before training and enough water should be consumed.

How old do you have to be to work out at Fit For Less?

How does fitness pain heal?

It should not be confused with pain caused by the injury. If muscle pain does not disappear within the first 24 hours and 72 hours and there are restrictions in moving, a specialist doctor should be consulted. Pain after training is temporary and exercise should not be stopped due to pain.

Can I use any Fitness4Less gym?

Do light exercises

In order to distribute the lactic acid accumulated in the muscles, activities that accelerate blood circulation can be performed. During the first few days, short walks and cycling can be done to increase blood circulation. Training programs that are determined without straining the muscles can be changed as lighter weights or less repetitions.

Get massage

One of the most effective methods of dispersing lactic acid accumulated in the muscles is massage. It facilitates the transport of lactic acid, which accumulates in the muscles, to the liver by accelerating the blood flow and has a psychological and physiological relaxing effect. In addition, the salt bath made after the massage is often used in the treatment of pain in the abdomen.

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