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Lower Chest Exercises

The lower chest is the part we refer to as the abdominal part of the pectoralis major muscle.

The lower chest gives the overall volume of the pectoral muscles. Many athletes have full breasts with the development of this part. But still, if their upper breasts are not particularly developed, they evaluate it in an aesthetic way and do not like it.

However, for a huge chest muscle, we should pay attention to these lower breasts.

The article below will give you great tips.

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Upper Chest Exercises

The upper chest is the clavicular part of the pectoralis major muscle. This part is not as big as the lower chest, but it is efficient for a square and steeper collarbone area.

You can identify the upper chest exercises with the video below. Some of these are without equipment and some with equipment.

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Chest Training at Home

This article will help you if you want to get a good chest workout at home.

Errors in Enhancing Chest Muscle

The wrong movement forms: Weights are overloaded, dumbbells are handled to quickly develop the desired chest muscle, but movement forms are completely distorted.

When the motion forms deteriorate, the risk of disability increases and the efficiency you get from that movement drops drastically, choose the weights correctly, and focus on the correct form of the movement.

Especially learning the technique once will protect and improve you for a lifetime.

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Trying weights that he cannot lift: Unfortunately, this is always one of the biggest mistakes made, by trying to lift the weight that he cannot lift unnecessarily and endangering the person who is asking for help and asking someone for help.

The weight you cannot lift, 1-2 repetitions that you will make in the wrong form with that weight will not help you, you only increase your risk of disability.

If you are a particularly good athlete, you don’t need anyone’s help, you should know how far you have to force yourself.

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Pay attention to shoulder health: Many people apply the movement in very wrong form instead of working their breasts in the applied movements or trying many different movements, putting their shoulders in too much, especially during the bench press movement, the shoulder muscles are getting a serious load on the shoulder muscles without taking back muscles. And the risk of disability is rising again.

Someone who will say “I injured my shoulder muscle while bench press” will definitely come across. This is not the problem of bench press, it is the problem of the person.

Even if you practice good technique, too much chest work can disrupt your posture, so to prevent posture disorders and prevent shoulder injuries, strengthen the rotator cuff muscles with the mobility exercises:

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