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Fitness first Thomas more square movements to strengthen the shoulders

Shoulder movements are of great importance in bodybuilding training for a wide and powerful physics.

It is very important to work with the shoulder muscles and the correct movements to make your garment look beautiful and look big.

In this article, you will learn not to make shoulder muscle mistakes and get to know the best shoulder movements that will support you during your fitness journey.

First of all, I suggest you watch this video, this is a little advanced perspective, but for a wide and strong physics, many people found this video very efficient!

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Fitness first Thomas more square: Tips for women’s fitness

Recommendations to Improve Shoulder Muscle

Increase the frequency of training: As we mentioned, the shoulder muscle is a small muscle group. If you are an advanced athlete fitness first Thomas more square it may not be enough to run these muscles once a week, try to increase it to at least 2.

Doing little by little is better than doing it at once. The question of whether full body or split is, so full body is better.

Shape your workouts with different repetition intervals: Working with the same repeat intervals may not be beneficial for you in the long run, you can add different repeat intervals to the training to increase the effect you will get from that training.

If you always do 5, add 15 reps, for example.

Pay attention to the application speed of the movement: It may not be beneficial to apply the movement very fast for the sake of lifting the movement, especially if you are new. The implementation of the movement very quickly goes into a little more difficult work. Especially control negative repetitions, don’t leave the weight just like that.

Do not keep the rest breaks too long: Since the shoulder muscle is a small muscle group, they will also recover quickly.

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Best Shoulder Movements (According to Anatomy)

Knowing which movement is working more actively in which part of the shoulder muscles in developing shoulder muscles will enable the training to pass more efficiently.

In this article, we will talk about the anatomy of our shoulder muscles and exercise choices later.

Back shoulder movements

I want to pay special attention to the back of the shoulders.

The back shoulders are often neglected, which is often unconsciously neglected.

Exercises such as push-ups and bench press constantly improve the front shoulders, but the back shoulders can be left behind, especially if the back muscles are not working well.

This can cause posture disorders. Like humpback.

One of the most important exercises for this is the Facepull movement.

Apart from that, shoulder mobility exercises will also help you to improve your posture and develop rotator cuff muscles.

Fitness first Thomas more square: Bodybuilding secrets for women

The mistakes made in developing the shoulder muscle

Now let’s look at some common mistakes, if you do, you will disrupt shoulder muscle development. You can even increase your risk of disability.

Poor movement form: The form of movement that we will apply in developing our shoulder muscles is very important, shoulder muscles are much more delicate than our other muscles.

In the slightest reverse and wrong movement, you can easily injure these muscles and deal with the pain that does not go away for months. Be sure to learn the correct form of the movement and then apply it properly.

The most common injuries in sports such as Powerlifting, Crossfit, Bodybuilding, and Olympic Weightlifting are shoulder injuries, did you know fitness first Thomas more square?

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