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How to Handle Grip Strength and Wrist Muscles?

Crush grip: metal handsprings

Metal handsprings are aimed at improving the ability of a direct crush grip. For beginners, the most suitable training for crushing will be to work with these types of grippers in high repetition.

Fitness for less Southwark classes for women: Exercise 4 less information

Tightening Towels

You can constantly squeeze a wet and thick towel into a bucket.

You can create variations by changing the way you hold.

Towel curl

You can wrap a towel on the dumbbell or kettlebell, and make a hammer curl.

Pinch grip

Plate hold and curl

The best exercise you can do for pinch strength is to hold the weight plates statically between 15s and 60s as in the picture. Another useful move is to curl at your fingertips with a short weight plate. 

Support grip

Static bareback

Pull yourself up so that your chin rests on the bar, and wait without breaking your position. As it is a static movement, you can also do it by tying weight on your waist. You can apply it in 3-4 x (15sec.-60sec). If your biceps are the weak link in the chain, you can hang without pulling yourself.

Thick tip work

You can use fat grip products, which are gradually becoming common in the market, in traction movements. If you want to beat your ego, this move will be a small test for you. Because you should consider that the weight you lift will be almost halved.

Last but not least, you should be careful not to do these movements more than 2-3 days a week while you are doing grip strength training. Because the exercises that you use your hands over are also tiring your central nervous system. You should not damage your hand and wrist muscles.

fitness for less southwark

Fitness for less Southwark timetable exercise 4 less

How are back muscles developed? Tactics to develop back muscles

Back muscles are very important for the aesthetic and wide back. The movements that work the back muscles are with you in this article.

Anyone who seriously starts bodybuilding always wants large, strong, triangular back muscles when t-shirts are worn.

Mistakes That Made in Back Muscle Development Exercises

First of all, let’s talk about the mistakes made in back exercises in general:

Wrong exercise form: For the sake of lifting heavy, trying to practice the movement in very distorted forms is absurd in most movements. This puts the back muscle development into the background and may even take you to disability.

Fitness for less Southwark wrong weight selection: As we mentioned in the first article, do not succumb to your ego and choose the weights that you can apply the movement correctly.

Biceps don’t work: Again, this item is related to the wrong form. Instead of working out your back muscles, you may often be trying to lift all the weight with your biceps muscles. This is a big mistake and can lead to disability.

Wrong exercise choices: Especially if you have just started sports, you will see people doing different movements in the gym. These may not suit you. You can get better efficiency by improving yourself in basic exercises.

Practicing too much: If you are an individual who has just started sports, you should be careful. You should not listen to everyone and work your back muscle more than necessary. This will be at your expense, not for your benefit.

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