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So, how is this chest workout done?

You can realize this exercise every week once or twice. You should apply it after 2 days of your bench press day. You should not rest while you are applying it. Rest 2 minutes and again go-ahead to apply it. Repeat it as much as you do.

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Chest Training Program

Rotational Push-Up

You can start it in the push-up status, this is better. Just lay to the floor as you do normally push-up. Then you need to turn back to your old status. And then, you will lift your 1 arm to the air and turn like doing a side plank. Here we mean your most weight will stay on the single shoulder. Then you will turn back to the push-up status again and turn your body to the other side, repeating the movement again. You should apply it 20 times.

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Shuffle Push-Up

Again go to the push-up position. Close your body to the floor and push them up. This movement is 1 time. When you are at the top side of the movement you will bring your hands to the other side of the old position. Change the locations of your arm and do this movement 20 times totally.

Opening times

Diamond push-up

This movement is perfect for your back arm. You will place your hands under your chest. You will create an angle with your fingers. Then start to push. Turn to the starting status again and repeat this movement 10 times.

Classes and information

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Gorilla Push-Up

You should start the movement in a standard position. You should get down with your body and rapidly push up again. You should throw your body rapidly, this is important. Then, turn to the starting status again.

One Leg Push-Up – Reps 10

You should lift up your leg. Then turn your first status again and change your leg. Repeat it. You will realize this move 10 times totally.

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Be careful while you doing these movements: 

The most important thing for those who do sports is fluid consumption. During physical activity, fluid loss occurs in the body with sweating. According to many studies, fluid consumption should be done slowly, not suddenly while doing sports. Because slow drinking water is used more efficiently in the body and it is prevented to be thrown out immediately through urine. Water balances the blood flow in the body and prevents our heart from straining during sports.

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