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Abdominal Muscles and Genetic Factor

Of course, everyone’s eyes, ears, height, skin color can be different; The shape of our abdominal muscles may also be different.

Big, small, symmetrical, trapezoid.

These shapes are genetic, some people have 8 parts, others have 4 parts.

So don’t be too obsessed with the “six-pack” especially for a symmetrical six-pack. A flat and hard stomach will be a healthier target.

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Abdominal Muscle and Fat Rate Factor

We have talked about nutrition and body fat in many articles of our article, and our body fat should be low in order for our abdominal muscles to be best known.

But it is not easy to go below 10% in natural ways.

Of course, if your genetics is not suitable for this; because there are people who are genetically lucky and remain at low fat.

However, if we want a nice appearance of the abdominal muscle, it can provide you to reach the image you want to have in the body fat ratio between 12% -10% in men and 15% -20% in women.

Or you can decide this by looking at your image in the mirror without being too attached to these oil proportions.

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Strong Abdominal Muscles and Its Effect on Our Daily Life

The abdominal muscle is in the central part of our body and we get their help in doing many jobs.

The fact that these muscles are strong will be good for many posture disorders and will be able to provide convenience to you in many aspects of your daily life.

That is why you should not only work aesthetically but also improve your quality of life by strengthening them.

Snap fitness Basildon information for 2022

What to eat to do abdominal muscle?

To have an abdominal muscle as you want, your fat should be low. You may have muscular arms and muscular legs that show that you are at a higher level. But the abdominal muscles will not appear so easily. According to experts, you should thoroughly restrict your diet and lose maximum fat. To have tight muscles, you should add superior foods that develop abdominal muscles to your diet.

Low-sodium cottage cheese. Protein is the most important nutrient for a fat-losing diet because it is the main nutrient for muscle maintenance. If you have stopped taking carbohydrates, and have fallen to 5-8% body fat, hunger will occur.


Coconut oil.

Sugar-free oatmeal.


Peanut butter.

Egg whites

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