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Total Fitness Aintree Nutrition Program Basics: Calories and Macros

In the first place, our suggestion to the individual who is new to fitness is to learn how to organize calories and macronutrients and even use a daily calorie need calculation program.

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What are calories and macros?

Calorie and macronutrients are the cornerstones of our diet. A calorie is the energy unit of nutrients. We all have the amount of energy that we need based on body size and activity level. We have to calculate this and we have to be fed by paying attention to calories while creating our body composition.

Macros are the building blocks of the food we eat. We will examine carbohydrates, proteins, and fats here. Macronutrients together form calories. We must learn the rates of these, how much we should buy according to our purpose and pay attention to this.

This can scare you. What does it say about calories or macros? Trying to confuse me more?

No, our goal is to provide you with a system that you can learn with some effort. In this way, you can pay attention to your nutrition throughout your life. This system is based on calorie, macronutrient tracking. In other words, we select numerical data, mathematics, science instead of emotion and urban legends. So the results we get are much more reliable.

No need to restrict yourself after a certain hour in the evening, you can eat.

Hungry is also practised, breakfast is not the most important meal.

You can burn fat by eating bread or even baklava.

Isn’t it easier to calculate calories and follow macro than worry about all this?

You can find everything you need to know to prepare a fitness nutrition program in the Nutrition Guide on our site. Here, you can access the basics of nutrition, organize calories and macronutrients, organize your nutrition according to your fitness level and your fitness, and even sample diet plans for free.

Article for women total fitness Aintree program: 2021 / 2022 fitness tips

Supplements: Food Supplements for Beginners

Individuals who are new to fitness do not need to use supplements, but for some reason, one of the most curious topics is “What is a protein powder, how is it used, is protein powder harmful?”.

In fact, the use of supplements is never required, that is, it is not mandatory to use, although we may not use them, we can get the same results in another way. The supplement is a nutritional supplement, food supplement, supplementary food. It is used to compensate for nutritional deficiencies or to increase performance.

But it would be better if the individual who started the fitness does not divide his focus a lot. So, instead of spending time on supplements, first organize your diet, which is much more important. Follow the guidance in this article and make your own nutrition program. However, do not say, “Okay, well, no more feeding.” Try to follow your diet for a few months. See how it works, evaluate glitches.

Using supplements without a sufficient diet will not benefit you. You are deceiving yourself and being out of your money.

That’s why you don’t need to use supplements as a beginner athlete. Rumours from the bodybuilding community can be confusing. However, supplements are not drugs that have effects as thought. When you use protein powder, you will not develop twice as fast muscle, protein powder is not much different from the chicken breast you eat. First, let’s focus on the parts that matter.

You can review the Supplement Guide on our site to break down the urban legends about the supplements reach the scientific facts and choose the best supplements!

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