Raspberry gin recipe and different liqueur ideas for parties

Today we will talk about the raspberry gin recipe and other gin recipes for your special nights. Preparing a gin liqueur is not as difficult as it seems. You will only need a few simple ingredients. Liqueurs made with an alcohol-containing beverage and fruit juice mix are absolutely delicious. So today we will give you a short recipe about blue raspberry gin recipe. We will also talk about the raspberry gin recipe making kit in our article raspberry gin recipe. Here is our raspberry gin recipe:

Raspberry gin recipe to make at home easily

To prepare a raspberry gin recipe, all you have to do is bring together the gin and raspberry gin recipe.

Prepare the raspberry juice.

You can use a mixer and water to make Raspberry juice.

Then prepare as much raspberry gin recipe as you need.

Then put it all together.

Serve by adding ice!

Enjoy your meal!

Note: By buying a gin-making kit you can create your own gin drink at home by yourself. All you need to do is buy this gin kit. You can search for it to buy on the internet. There are many gin preparing kits on Google. Just check it and order it!

Alternatives to raspberry gin recipe: What do you drink raspberry gin with?

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10 Raspberry gin recipe liqueurs from world cuisines

1- Albemarle

Required ingredients: 6 cl. gin, 0.5 tablespoons powdered sugar, 1.5 tablespoons lemon juice, raspberry gin recipe syrup, and soda. Mix the ingredients without soda and shake them with ice. Fill the cocktail glass filled with ice and add soda to it.

2- Alexander Special

Required ingredients: 3 cl. gin, 3 cl. cocoa liquor and 2 cl. sweet cream. Mix the three with ice and shake. Then pour it into the cocktail glass. You can decorate it according to your taste. 

3- 7 & 7

Required ingredients: 4.5 cl gin and soda. Fill the cocktail glass with ice and add the gin. Fill with soda. You can also decorate it with cherry and orange slices.

4- Banana Bandit

Required ingredients: 3 cl. banana liqueur, 3 cl. 3 cl of white cocoa liquor. black cocoa liquor. Pour all ingredients into a cocktail glass with ice and mix. Ready for me. 

5- Algonquin

Required ingredients: 4.5 cl. whiskey, 3 cl. Dry Vermouth, 3 cl. pineapple juice. Shake and mix with ice and pour into a cocktail glass. Enjoy your meal!

6- Apple Eden (Apple Paradise)

Required ingredients: 4.5 cl vodka, 10 cl. Apple juice. Mix in a cocktail glass with three or four ice cubes and shake. You can decorate it with lemon or orange slices.

7- Peppermint Park

Required ingredients: 6 cl. gin, 3 cl. lemon juice, champagne, and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix all ingredients except champagne with a few ice cubes and pour into a champagne glass. When you add champagne to it, we can say enjoy your meal. 

8- Around the World

Required ingredients: 4.5 cl. gin, 4.5 cl. mint liqueur and 4.5 cl. pineapple juice. After shaking and mixing with ice, put it in the cocktail glass filled with ice.

9- Banana Boat

Required ingredients: 4.5 cl. tequila, 1.5 cl. banana liqueur and 3 cl. you need lemon juice. Shake all the ingredients with ice until they get a soft consistency. Then fill it in a cocktail glass and make it ready for drinking. 

10- Lime Rickey

Required ingredients: 4.5 cl gin, half lemon juice, and soda. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over 2 cubes of ice in a cocktail glass and add the lemon peels. Add the gin and soda respectively and mix slowly.

Warnings and recommendations to evening drinkers

Excessive alcohol consumption and evening alcohol consumption are seen as the enemy of all B vitamins. Alcohol takes up the B vitamins. Therefore, it causes vitamin deficiencies. In order to replace the B vitamins lost after alcohol consumption, it is absolutely necessary to eat rich in B vitamins. Here is some advice for alcohol drinkers:

Consume the raspberry gin recipe with fruit:

As long as alcohol intake is not exaggerated and turned into an evening meal, it cannot be said that it causes cancer. However, considering the damage caused by alcohol to the liver and if it is known that chronic alcoholics have a deficiency of B complex vitamins and iron and zinc, it becomes clear how harmful alcohol is.

Consuming enough fruits and vegetables with alcohol, such as carrot and cucumber slices in lemon juice or freshly peeled fruit, will reduce the risk of mouth-throat cavity and some digestive system cancers.

It has been reported that colon and rectum cancer is common especially in those who exaggerate drinking beer.

In addition to avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, be careful not to consume alcohol with cigarettes. Especially the negative effect of smoking increases when it is combined with alcohol. Please pay close attention to this warning. Cigarettes and alcohol never go together, they are very carcinogenic.

Suggestions for less exposure to alcohol

  • Eating first: Our body closes the valve to the small intestine to digest food. The small intestine is the place where alcohol is absorbed the most and enters the bloodstream. This way, you are less affected by alcohol. Eat something first. If your stomach is empty, alcohol will be absorbed more easily.
  • Choose light-coloured drinks: Dark drinks such as red wine and whiskey contain more chemicals that will trigger a hangover than drinks such as vodka, raspberry gin recipe, and white wine.
  • Watch out for mixes: You may not realize when you reach the limit, as the caffeine in energy drinks and cola will keep you energetic. In addition, diet cola empties the stomach faster and you drink it on an empty stomach. For this reason, it is useful not to mix drinks together.
  • Go slow: Set your own pace, don’t drink fast enough to touch you.
  • Drink water occasionally: By drinking water, you will reduce the dehydration caused by alcohol. In addition, drinking water will fill your stomach and make you drink less alcohol.
  • Know your limit: Decide how much to drink at a given time and stick to it. Don’t feel like you have to drink. Do not pay attention to what your surroundings have on this subject.

Why do English people drink too much?

raspberry gin recipe 2

The generation born in the UK in the 1980s was the generation that consumed the most alcohol.

Alcohol consumption peaked in England in 2004. That year, the British consumed more alcohol than they had consumed in the previous century. Those who caused the alcohol explosion were young people in their 20s. So those born in the 1980s. So why?

The measurements show how many litres of pure alcohol is consumed per person per year. One litre of pure alcohol is about 20 litres of beer.

In the 1950s, an average of 3.9 litres of alcohol was consumed per person in the UK. It was seen that this amount increased from the 1960s to the 80s, and after a while, it started to rise again in the 1990s.

By 2004, per capita, alcohol consumption had increased to 9.5 litres. This was the equivalent of 100 bottles of wine a year.

In 1960, wine accounted for 10 per cent of UK alcohol consumption. A few years later, the government relaxed the wine sales of supermarkets. Wine consumption quadrupled in 1980. In the next 20 years, it doubled again. This year, a survey of 4,000 British adults stated that 60 per cent preferred wine as their drink.

Pubs were no longer the only places to drink, as the wine was available at home. Experts point out that the focus on wine is the biggest change in British drinking culture in the last 50 years. The wine was also the drink of choice for women who could not go to male-dominated pubs.

However, the change in the financial and social status of women in the last 50 years has opened the doors of the pub to them. This was also effective in the peak of alcohol consumption in the first half of the 2000s. In this generation, alcohol consumption has doubled compared to 30 years ago.

Crazy parties

Climbing in the 1960s went into stagnation in the period 1980-95. The increase in the unemployment rate in the country also contributed to this. Also, this period was a period of crazy dance and parties. For this reason, there was a decrease in the rate of youth going to pubs. However, the alcohol industry found a solution to this and carried the drink to party venues. They also produced a stronger and more varied drink for young people: bottled beers, lagers, cider wines, and alcoholic juices came out.

Pub chains spread to the old banks, theatres, and factory buildings in city centres. Thus, they turned to new customers who spent time in dance clubs, gyms, and shopping malls. Pub customers were no longer just old men. In addition to beer, whiskey started to be sold in pubs in Scotland.

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