Tomato and mozzarella salad recipes to make at home easily

Tomato and mozzarella salad

Today we want to talk about cherry tomato and mozzarella salad recipes. If you love summer food too, these recipes are for you. Today, tomato salad recipes will be shared with you on our site. All you have to do is take a pen and paper and write it down. These magnificent mozzarella recipes are absolutely worthy of your mouth. Below are great tomato and mozzarella salad recipes information articles that were shared for you. You can consume these foods with your family on special days and dinners. You can see Tomato salad recipes and other food recipes on our site. Below you can read the most beautiful mozzarella salad recipes we have compiled for you. Your child will also love these salads. Ideal for dieters tomato and mozzarella salad recipe article awaits you below!

What is a tomato and mozzarella salad?

Do you wonder what is a tomato and mozzarella salad? Here the details:

RECIPE 1: Tomato and mozzarella salad with fresh basil leaves


One of our favorite foods in the summer is undoubtedly salads. We think there is no more relaxing recipe than a beautiful summer salad prepared with fresh vegetables and fruits. Here is a delicious and practical 5-minute summer salad recipe with mozzarella:

One of our favorite foods in the summer is undoubtedly salads. There is no more relaxing recipe than a beautiful summer salad prepared with fresh vegetables and fruits. Here is a delicious and practical 5-minute tomato and mozzarella salad recipe:

Ingredients of tomato and mozzarella salad

4-5 ripe red tomatoes (sliced ​​round)

Sliced ​​mozzarella cheese up to tomato slices

A bunch of fresh basil leaves

Olive oil

2 tea glasses of balsamic vinegar


Tomato and mozzarella salad

Preparation of tomato and mozzarella salad recipe

Slice the tomatoes and mozzarella. Place a slice of tomato, a slice of mozzarella and a leaf of basil on an oven glass.

Put salt, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar on it.


Summer salad with mozzarella and tomatoes for 5 minutes is ready.

Enjoy your meal!

Is tomato and mozzarella healthy?

Tomato and mozzarella salad

This is definitely a healthy salad kind for diet followers! Here our second recipe!

RECIPE 2: Tomato and mozzarella salad with cherry tomatoes 

Ingredients for Healthy Cherry Tomato Salad Mozarella

Cherry tomatoes in the desired amount

2 sprigs of green onions

Quarter bundle arugula

Grater mozzarella cheese


1 teaspoon of basil

1 teaspoon of mint

Olive oil, lemon, salt

How to Make Healthy Cherry Tomato Salad Recipe with Mozarella

Cherry tomatoes are cut into 4 and other ingredients are cut and mixed.

It is blended with spices. Olive oil, salt, and lemon are also added and mixed, taken into a serving dish, and sprinkled with mozzarella.

This salad is suitable for diabetes and diet.

Corn never raises sugar and is not suitable for diet.

Also, be careful not to add to this salad because the material you added may increase the sugar. For example, adding pomegranate syrup raises sugar. You can subtract but I suggest you do not add it.

Enjoy your meal!

The Importance of Nutrition for a Healthy Life

Everyone’s greatest desire is to take a healthy age, grow old, and live a life without any chronic illness. In recent years, much researches have been conducted on how to lead a healthy life and how to prolong human life. One of the most important issues in human health is nutrition. Even if we have a genetic predisposition, avoiding harmful foods, making sports a part of our lives, contributes to preventing disease factors and leading a long healthy life. In addition to healthy nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants are important in our lives for vitality, vitality, good skin quality, and many factors that will support our health. Although we search for the right nutrition methods and follow diets, we may need to supplement our body with vitamins and antioxidants.

Healthy nutrition secrets: Tomato and mozzarella salad

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables during the season for a healthy diet.

Especially fake sugar products open the door to cancer. Not everyone will, but if the genes have such a code of disease, children who are fed like this are at risk of cancer before they reach middle age.

In order to eat healthily, breakfast should be made and meals should not be skipped. Milk drinking habits should be acquired. For bone health, attention should be paid to the consumption of calcium-rich milk, cheese, yogurt. Abundant fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed during the season. It should not be forgotten that the consumption of acidic foods with high sugar, salt, and fat content brings with it many diseases.

The most important point for healthy nutrition comes from genetically engineered GMO consumption. The burden of human nafs is huge. A man should not eat any food that passes through his head. We should not act as if they were hypnotized, and we should be careful about unhealthy products. Even GMO-altered wheat can invite many diseases from ALS disease to Leukemia.

Nutrients and Their Activities in Body Work

When the nutrients required by the body are listed, if they are distinguished according to their chemical structure, it is seen that they are collected in 6 groups as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, and water according to their structure and activity.

Why Proteins for Healthy Eating?

Proteins are the main structure of cells. Certain cells merge and body organs and tissues are made. Protein is the most important nutrient for growth and development. Many cells die over time and new ones are made. For this reason, proteins are the nutrients that are important for the continuity of the cells. It is seen that the main structures of enzymes and hormones in the immune system are proteins.

Protein also meets the body’s energy needs. In adult people, up to 16% of the average body consists of protein and they do not work in storage logic.

Why Oils for Healthy Eating?

An average of 18% of the adult human body is fat. If the body cannot melt the fat it receives and it comes too much the body fat rate increases, and if it eats less than it spends, it decreases. Therefore, body fat is the primary energy store of man. When there is no energy source, the fat depot in the body is used.

Fat is the most energetic nutrient. Some of the vitamins are taken into the body with oil. The oil feels full. The oils under the skin provide the body’s temperature controls.

According to the composition of the oils, we can divide them into 3 groups according to the fatty acids we can call:

*Saturated fatty acids (butter, tallow, etc.)

*Monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oil)

*Polyunsaturated fatty acids (sunflower oil, cornflower, soybean oil, etc.)

Did you like our tomato and mozzarella salad recipes? Then another delicious recipe awaits you here chicken caesar salad!

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This type of cheese is usually sold in markets. But to put it briefly: The process is called pasta filata in some countries. In this process, the milk is firstly incubated with thermophilic bacteria. This bacteria works as a whey starter. And then, in order to give shape, the rennets are added. At the final process, curds are carefully heated. In this process, the purpose is to create an elastic texture.

First, you need to whisk the milk and egg thoroughly. Next, you need to cover the cheeses with flour. After that, dip these pieces into the egg. Then put it in the section with breadcrumbs. You should again dip them in the egg. You should freeze it before you fry the foods. Next, put oil in the pan and heat the oil. Cook the sticks until golden brown. Then you should drain them with paper towels.

Divide the green tomatoes that you wash in plenty of water into four equal parts according to their size. Cut it in half from the middle and cut the hot red peppers from the pits into large pieces. Extract the skin of the garlic. Tightly fill the chopped green tomatoes in a clean glass jar. Add vinegar and brine on it. For detailed information, you can get the best result by researching on Google.

In order to make tomato juice, juicers will be ready. Chop the tomatoes and throw them into the juicer machine. You can drink the water that comes out.

Tomato seed planting is generally recommended during the months of Spring, Autumn, and Summer.

Take a paper towel. Sprinkle the tomato seeds on top and let it dry for a few weeks. Once the seeds are dry, fold the paper towel and put it in an envelope. You can keep it throughout the winter.

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