DIY wall mounted clothes rail guide for home

wall mounted clothes rail

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Wall mounted clothes rail: DIY clothes rail guide

You can save frequently used items at home from a messy look. In this regard, hangers have become one of the multi-purpose items at home. You can also make the latest trend practical wall hanger according to your taste. We share practical ways of making wall hangers at home with you.

Hangers, an object carrying things, is an eye-catching object in the home. You can change the hangers according to the color of the house and create an interesting design in a practical way.

Here are practical ways to make wall mounted clothes rails at home:

  • Sand a rectangular plank that is mounted on the wall. Remove the roughness of the wood. Then mount the board to the wall. Bend the handles of the dessert spoon to form a hanger. Using a silver nail, nail the fork and spoon onto the wood.
  • Sand a rectangular plank that is mounted on the wall. Remove the roughness of the wood. Then mount the board to the wall. Match the board to the color of your room. Then nail the unused toys in the house onto the board.
  • Sand a rectangular aged wood that is mounted on the wall. Remove the roughness of the wood. Then mount the board to the wall. Then bend large-sized copper nails and mount them on the aged wood.
  • You can easily make this pattern in your home by cutting the large and small boards. You can then paint it in colorful colors and add vitality. Put a flat board on it and install it with a hook hanger nail.

clothes rail wall mounted

Wall mounted clothes rail and ways to avoid accidents at home

Today we talked about the wall mounted clothes rail. But there may occur some problems while you creating a wall mounted clothes rail by yourself at home. We are talking about home accidents and it’s results. Accidents that occur in the home environment, usually due to forgetfulness or negligence, are called home accidents. You don’t have to be too young or old to encounter home accidents. Studies have revealed that people who experience home accidents are from all age groups. Taking measures against minor or major home accidents at home and applying these measures in daily life has a great effect in preventing accidents.

1 – What Are The Accidents That Can Happen At Home?

Home accidents are types of accidents that are often taken lightly but can cause major health problems if measures are not taken. Today, the most common types of home accidents are examined under 4 main headings: Falling and Crashing, Cut, Poisoning, and Burn.

a- Falling and Crashing

When home accidents are considered, the first type of accident that comes to mind is fall and crash accidents. Usually, fall and crash accidents with young children result in minor injuries. However, it can cause major health problems many times. In order to take precautions against these accidents, it is necessary to use home decor suitable for children’s living spaces. In addition, it is necessary to create a safe living space for them and to have a few fragile items at home as possible.

b – Cutting

Among the accidents to be experienced at home, the easiest measure is cut injuries. Avoiding items with sharp edges, keeping sharp household items such as knives out of reach of children, and choosing items often used by young children from plastic products instead of glass are practical precautions that can be taken against accidents at home.

c – Poisoning

The least common type of accident among household accidents is poisoning. Families should keep harmful substances such as medicines, cleaning products, and chemical products in places out of the reach of children. In addition, you need to consume milk and dairy products within a maximum of ten days after opening. It is possible to prevent poisoning accidents with such practical and well-known measures.

d – Burning

Burn, which is one of the most common accidents in the world, is a type of accident encountered by people of almost all ages. We are talking about situations such as touching a hot pot, pouring boiling water on your feet, cleaning for a long time with a very sharp chemical substance. In addition, the body burns as a result of electrical leakage are the most common types of burns. While taking precautions against minor accidents at home, the information that everyone knows is generally used. However, precautions that many of us do not know should be taken in household accidents caused by electrical leakage.

Precautions to be taken while you build a wall mounted clothes rail

2 – How to Take Precautions Against Electrical Accidents?

Taking precautions against home accidents is not possible by changing your belongings all the time or having a few items at home. It is necessary to take some special precautions to take precautions against electrical household accidents. These measures can be listed as follows:

First of all, make sure that there are no sockets with exposed wires in the house. For this, one of the socket models with cover such as rubber wall socket can be preferred. Thus, you can protect your children from electrical accidents that may occur by putting their fingers into the socket. When choosing a socket, choosing between covered and grounded socket models is a home accident measure that will allow children to live in a safe environment.

Among the measures to be taken against home accidents, it is of great importance to use a self-adhesive cable duct with cable organizer features. The wiring harnesses that take up a lot of space in the living space and are mixed with each other pose a great danger to children. Home accidents that can cause major health problems may occur as a result of young children biting the cable or the exposed cables being damaged and causing electrical leakage. At this point, both cable organizer and reliable 100% copper cable should be preferred.

The last measure, which is of great importance among the measures that can be taken against home accidents, is the choice of insurance type. First of all, the fuse box and fuse should not be at a height that children can easily reach. In addition, avoiding the old type of insurance in home living areas, one of the newer types, more reliable automatic insurance types should be preferred.

No matter how much measures are taken against home accidents, everyone living in the house, small or large, should be made aware of the measures to be taken against home accidents. Especially young children should be talked about the accidents that may occur at home in an understandable language and they should be informed about what to do in case of an accident.

DIY wall mounted clothes rail guide for home
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DIY wall mounted clothes rail guide for home
Today we will talk about the wall mounted clothes rail subject. If you want to beautify your home, you will love this product.
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