This privacy policy provides information about the protection of personal information of people entering the website.


Information such as name, surname, phone number, date of birth, e-mail address and identity information of the users visiting our site will be referred to as “personal information” on our site.


The personal information of users may not be used in any way other than the rules set out by this privacy policy. This personal information will not be used except for the principles and guidelines determined on our site. This information is shared only with the consent of the user. has made the necessary preparations in order to protect all the information of the site and to protect its privacy. All transactions of users are guaranteed. may use different programs and software to ensure privacy and security. However, despite all these measures, there may be pirated attacks on the website. will not be liable for any damage caused as a result of these attacks, when information is received by third parties.


Users visiting the site cannot access each other’s information and cannot change this information.


The personal information of the visitors can only be accessed by the user himself, except for If the user requests, can update this information on behalf of the user. can be used by our company and business partners for purposes such as measuring personal information, promotion, marketing and advertising. In addition, this information can be recorded by our site to update site activities and provide better service.


If requested by administrative institutions, user information can be shared with these institutions in accordance with the information in the Privacy Policy document.


The user’s personal information can be used, if necessary, to speed up transactions on the site and to provide communication between users, and this information can be shared with other users. can record and use the statistical information of users who use this page. Visitors can change browser settings to prevent this process if they wish.


Users visiting the website have agreed to the Privacy Policy provisions of our site in advance.