Things to do in Mallorca Spain: Travel Guide and Recommendations for Palma

Things to do in Mallorca

Today I want to tell you about my adventure in Mallorca Spain. If you also want to have a great time in Majorca you will definitely like this article. Majorca flights and much more await you in our article. Today we will also talk about our experiences in Palma Spain. In our article, you will find important details such as things to do in Majorca. We will also give you detailed information about things to do in Palma de Mallorca. We have listed 10 attractions in our article. If you wonder about the things to do in Palma Mallorca you definitely came to the true article. We have prepared a great travel guide for you. We found the perfect ideas for the honeymoon. If you want to learn information about things to do in Calas de Mallorca, you will definitely like this article… This is a day-long adventure. An elaborate article for Mallorca lovers. If you are researching the best things to do in Mallorca with your partner, be ready. This article will blow your mind. This article will blow your mind. In the article on our site, you can also see the topic of things to do in Magaluf. If you are looking for accommodation you will also find resorts in Majorca in our article. Finally, we have researched the topic of Majorca‘s best resorts for families for you. Here are the details:
things to do in palma de mallorca

Things to do in Mallorca in April

Imagine a place. It is a place full of happiness and peace, away from the crowd with its untouched beauty. Let there be a place where palm and orange trees meet the sea. May it be sunny almost 300 days a year. Imagine an island where you can feel the warmth of the Mediterranean until your marrow. We are talking about the island of Palma de Mallorca. Do not look at what I call this place an island. A place large enough to compete with the city. Frankly, before I came to Mallorca, I imagined this place as a small island where I can easily travel in a few days. But I understood from the very first day that I was wrong. There is a metro line on the island, what more!

It takes only 45 minutes by plane between Barcelona and Mallorca. With the exquisite view of the Mediterranean, you do not even understand how the plane got up and landed. This was my first ride to Air Europa. If I do not count the delay it made on the return, I can say that I am satisfied. I don’t know if it was a double seat, but it provided a comfortable flight.

Things to do in Mallorca for couples and family

things to do in calas de mallorca

How to get from Palma de Mallorca Airport to the center?

Palma de Mallorca Airport is a twenty-minute drive from the center. You can rent a car from here or use the metro and buses to go to the center. Bus number 1 takes you to the Plaza de Espana stop in the center of Palma. The ticket price per person is 5 euro. It works from 06.10 in the morning until 02.00 in the summer. Bus services run between Palma center and the airport every fifteen minutes. Note that you can also rent a car from the airport.

Mallorca in March

When to visit Palma de Mallorca?

The peak season of Mallorca is of course summer months. Mallorca, which has become the center of attention of the world jet society in July and August, is flooded with tourists. However, the island is so large that the crowd does not affect you at all. We went to a different place every day by car for a week. Even once, we did not come across a busy traffic. I don’t remember being overwhelmed while traveling.

Mallorca TripAdvisor

Germans prefer Mallorca the most. That’s why German is spoken very well on the island. French and Dutch are also concentrated. However, unlike in other countries, I have not encountered any Far Easterners. I guess they try to stay as far away from the sun as they can because they have white skin. When we went to Mallorca in August, the temperature was around 35-40 degrees during the day. However, this place has a different atmosphere. The heat is not stifling. Normally, we had a hard time stepping out, but we had no trouble walking around here in the midday heat. I think the lack of moisture is a big factor in this. It was warm in the evening just like the day. It never blew until the last day. I will never forget the heavy rain falling down on the day we will get on the plane.

How many days do you need in Mallorca?

You will at least need 6 days to walk around this place. The sea season in Mallorca opens in May and lasts until October or even November. I think the best time to go here is September-October. It is not too hot and accommodation prices in Mallorca are halved. Mallorca flight ticket prices are also quite affordable in the autumn period. I suggest you go in the fall if you have the opportunity.

Resorts in Majorca: Where to stay in Mallorca?

The accommodation options in Mallorca are very large as it is a big island. If you want to be in the center and reach everywhere easily, you can choose Palma. If your holiday expectation is calm, the surrounding villages such as Port de Soller, Deia, and Pollencha are for you. We stayed at Morlans Garden in Paguera region, half an hour away from the center.

Is Mallorca worth visiting?

Places to visit in Mallorca
things to do in palma mallorca
If you think Mallorca, which is the largest of the Balearic islands, consists only of sea, sand, and sun, you are wrong! There are beautiful places and historical buildings waiting to be discovered on the island. If you want to visit them all, you have to spend at least two weeks here. Before my trip to Mallorca, I was thinking about swimming in abundance. I never thought that there could be so many places to visit. If your goal is to just take a vacation, there is much more in Mallorca!

Palma Mallorca

1- Cathedral of Palma (La Seu / Cathedral de Mallorca)

Palma Cathedral, which greets you with all its majesty, is located right at the entrance of Palma. Also known as Le Seu, is one of Europe’s largest cathedrals. Our biggest chance was to have the opportunity to visit the cathedral with the priest. The priest took us around the cathedral. He showed us many forbidden places with special permission. In this way, we had the opportunity to visit the cathedral in much more detail.

What is Mallorca famous for?

2- Serra de Tramuntana

Serra de Tramuntana, a half-hour drive from Palma, is a magnificent mountain range. It is a mountain range that covers about 30% of Mallorca. It is a perfect region with its fresh air amongst olive and orange trees. You will come across many small and small villages hidden in this region. We had the chance to visit four of the villages stretching from Andratx in the west to Pollenca in the east. The landscape and untouched structures were truly perfect. I didn’t know there were such hidden ores in Mallorca. Reading is of course important, but traveling offers many things that you cannot read in a book!

Which part of Mallorca is the best?

3- Port de Soller

There are dozens of large and small villages in Mallorca. Port de Soller is one of them. You can enjoy the sea on the seafront of Port de Soller, surrounded by Serra de Tramuntana Mountain on the west side of Mallorca. You can rent sunbeds on both beaches here. Or you can spread your towel in the sand and enjoy the sea. Jumeirah Port Soller, one of Mallorca’s most famous and luxurious hotels, is also located here. I recommend you a great place to enjoy the view in Port de Soller: Nautilus. This is a place that makes you feel like you are in Mallorca with its food, nature, and sea view. We arrived at noon, but as far as the owner said, the sunset was delicious here. If you have a car, I would say do not bypass this place.

What is the most beautiful part of Majorca?

4- Deia

Deia, a ten-minute drive from Port de Soller, is a tiny village with just 700 inhabitants. This place was one of the places that impressed me the most with its view.

5- Valldemossa

Our next stop after Deia is Valldemossa. It has nature where you can see every shade of green. This is a village that you will say “I am glad I came” with its medieval architecture and houses decorated with flowers. Moreover, this is not an ordinary village. A place where famous composer Frederic Chopin spent the last few years before he died. You can see the traces of this place in its compositions. It is impossible not to see Chopin’s house from a distance on the road to the village.

What is the nicest place in Majorca?

6- Lluc

It’s time for the place that impressed me the most in Mallorca. This is Lluc, the spiritual center of the island, the last village we saw in Serra de Tramuntana. Mallorca’s holiest site is also considered a place of pilgrimage. There is a monastery dating back centuries. Santuari de Lluc. What is so impressive is that you can say that the monastery is everywhere. You cannot understand this without entering the monastery. As soon as you enter the room next to the worshiped section, you feel an incredible pressure in your ear. Yes, I know it will be strange when you read it. Maybe I wouldn’t believe it if it was told to me, but when I experience it, it is not possible for me to write how it feels like this. We prayed there for five minutes, and for five minutes that feeling of resonance and pressure never disappeared from my ear. As soon as I left the room, this feeling disappeared. I think I will not forget this moment in my life.

How long is the Caves of Drach tour?

best things to do in mallorca

7- Dragon Cave, Caves of Drach, Drach Caves (Cuevas del Drach)

Although Mallorca is an island famous for its beaches, the number of places waiting to be discovered is quite high. We waited for 1 hour in order to enter the Dragon Cave. The cave opens to visitors at 10.00 in the morning. A group is taken every hour. The last visit is 5 pm. My advice to you is to buy your ticket online. Because they take a certain number of groups inside, and if the number is too high, the other group remains to the next hour. It was definitely worth waiting for 1 hour. If you come to Mallorca, do not return without seeing such a beautiful natural wonder. The cave, which was discovered in 1880, has been open to visitors since 1922. Drach Caves tour lasts 1 hour.

Where is the best place in Majorca for couples?

Have you ever listened to classical music in the cave?

The most impressive part of Cuevas del Drach was that when you came to the end of the cave, all the lights suddenly went out. Then began classical music, rising from four boats. Boating softly on Lake Martel, the boats offered an unforgettable classical music performance for ten minutes. When the concert was over and all the lights were on, I was under the influence of often dreamy minutes. Life is actually much more strange and changeable than we can imagine.

Where is the best place to live in Mallorca?

8- Palma Streets

things to do in mallorca spain

We devoted the last day of our trip to sightseeing and shopping the historical streets of Palma. The people living here are really happy, they all smile, they almost know each other. It is forbidden to make a horn. You can find many beautiful shops and the best restaurants near me along the street starting from Passeig del Born to Avinguda de Jaume and Plancha Major. Carrer del Sidicat is another street where you should spend time on your trip. I can live me all life in this peaceful streets. You can live here forever!

Is Mallorca a party island?

9- Nit de Foc festival in Mallorca

things to do in palma de mallorca spain

If your trip coincides with August, do not miss the annual festival Nit de Foc. We were completely accidentally going to eat ice cream in the evening. Soon after, we were surrounded by people dressed as monsters and demons. A group with fireworks in their hands. They lit a fire all over us, and everyone started a crazy fun by blowing sparklers in succession with music. We had a scary and extremely entertaining night. The show lasted almost an hour. We have added an unforgettable moment to our trip to Mallorca.

Is Mallorca expensive?

10- Mallorca Beaches

things to do in mallorca palma

I was expecting a week of sea, sand, and sun from Mallorca. However, I had very different experiences. My most important advice to you about Mallorca is that you do not see this place just like an island of pleasure. There are countless beaches waiting to be discovered in Mallorca. I was able to go to only two of them. The sea of Mallorca has the most beautiful shades of turquoise and navy. The water is quite hot. It was so good that I could not get into the cold water that I never wanted to get out of the sea. Mallorca is a cheap place generally.

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