Where to go in Thailand Phuket Island Review and Travel Guide

If you are researching a holiday to where to go in Thailand you will love our article. In our article, we will share detailed information about Pucket Island with you. Thailand Phuket Island is an ideal place for a honeymoon vacation. If you want to go with your lover, we have prepared an article about the best places to visit in Thailand, you will find all the details below. You can also see the details of the best place to stay in Phuket in our article. We prepared great information for you. After reading this article, you will get a better understanding of things to do in Thailand. So you will be able to find the answer to your question on where to stay in Phuket. We have to say it is a great idea if you want to visit in July. Because Thailand in July is great.  More details? things to do in Mallorca Check below then! 

Where to go in Thailand? : Phuket Island Guide

where to go in thailand in august

Phuket Island is the biggest island in Thailand. And one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to Thailand is definitely Phuket Island. It fascinates everyone who visits with its beautiful bays, national parks, waterfalls, and temples. Of course, besides its natural beauty, it is the centre of entertainment. But I want to share a known mistake. The famous Phi phi island and James Bond Island have nothing to do with Phuket Island.

Only here you can easily visit with boat tours. Now it’s time to tell Phuket where to go in Thailand, prepare your tea, I prepared a very nice Phuket travel article for you. Our Phuket tour starts. Today we will talk about where to go in Thailand islands

Where to go in Thailand for entertainment? Where should I go in Phuket?

Where to go in Thailand?

Although I had been wondering and planning for years, I had to cancel it twice.

But finally, I had the opportunity to stay for 6 nights in January 2017 and when I had my birthday.

Phuket is like the centre of honeymooners all over the world. If you want peace, a dream-like peace, calmness, you can reset yourself.

Of course, it is a great option not only for those who are looking for peace and quiet but also for those who want crazy and lively nightlife.

Which is the best area to stay in Phuket?

where to go in thailand in november

Thailand has an island with a different tropical belt that is worth seeing. And these islands are called ‘Koh’ in Thai. Koh means “island.”

Phuket is the most remarkable tourist island of where to go in Thailand, with its large and small islands. We can understand this by connecting it to the mainland with a bridge although it is an island.

In other words, this island offers crazy and fun nightlife to anyone and a calm and peaceful holiday opportunity for those who wish.

Phuket Island is an island where you can experience both culture, entertainment, and peace together. I hope this guide I prepared for you will contribute to the plans of your Phuket island tour.

Which is the best island tour in Phuket?

About Phuket Island

Phuket Island has a fascinating effect with its vast beaches, stunning sunsets, fun activities, crazy nightlife, and Thai massage.

Among all the islands and islets where to go in Thailand, Phuket is the most eye-catching and biggest one.

For your where to go in Thailand Phuket tour, I have listed below what you need to know about the country you are going to.

Best places to visit in where to go in Thailand

karon and kata beach

Have you been to Phuket and are looking for the most important places to see? So get together, let’s list the places you need to see one by one when you do the Phuket tour:

  • Bangla Road Street is the address of entertainment in the Patong Region. The path of everyone who comes to Phuket falls to this street at least once. 
  • Patong Beach: Although it is one of the worst places to swim in Phuket, you can watch a wonderful sunset.
  • Freedom Beach: This place between Patong and Karon District is a good alternative to swimming.
  • Karon and Kata Beach: A place with a more beautiful sea compared to Patong Region. It is included in the category of preferred regions for honeymoon.

Things to do in Thailand: Where to go in Thailand for fun?

Note: Apart from the beaches listed above, you can also evaluate the beaches such as Kamala, Surin, Bangtao, Mai Khao, Nai Harn, Kata Noi, Banana, Panwa, Ao Sane if you have time.

Windmill and Promthep Scenic Spot: I also recommend two viewing points at the southern tip of Phuket Island. If you are going to go to the sunset in time, you can witness the magnificent sunset from both viewpoints.

Simon Cabaret: One of where to go in Thailand famous ladyboy shows. It has a concept that is really carefully arranged and prepared. Accompanied by light, sound, and visual shows, you sometimes see imitations of famous artists and sometimes different cultural dance and music shows from countries.

Phuket FantaSea: This is a place full of different activities and entertainment, located in a large area. I think you should definitely see it. It has different options from restaurants to Elephant Theater, shopping areas to Las Vegas-style royal shows.

  • Muay Thai: If you wish, you can watch the national fighting sport where to go in Thailand by going to the boxing stadiums where tournaments are held.
  • Elephant Safari: Even though I do not recommend it, I will write it for you to have information. You can take a forest trip on elephants in many places in Phuket.

Why I do not recommend Elephant Safari, let me mention it immediately. I joined when I went to Thailand years ago. But the last time I went, he was on stage with a baby elephant with his mother chained from his feet. After spending 4-5 minutes with them, all of my ideas changed in an instant.

  • Tiger Kingdom: Have you seen and loved tigers before? It’s not drugged in these tiger parks in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Phuket! You can spend time with tigers.

You can check the website for prices and details. Although it is a touristic activity, we restrict their freedom just like in Elephant Safari.

So one part of me says don’t go, but one part of me can’t tell where they can get so close to these amazing creatures.

phuket town (old phuket)

  • Phuket Town (Old Phuket): This is a place where travellers usually see only a day’s trip. A traveller couple I met in Phuket said, “Actually, you don’t even need to travel, we stay there, but we made a big mistake.” he said.

Phuket Town, which used to be a trade centre, reveals a different Thailand with its buildings decorated in Chinese and Portuguese architectural decorations. Still, I think if you find the time, it should be seen.

  • Wat Chalong: Chalong Temple is one of the most touristy temples on Phuket Island. In the two-story temple, you can see Buddha statues and wall works related to Buddhism.
  • Big Buddha: As the name suggests, it has the largest Buddha Statue title on Phuket Island. It is made of 45 meters high white marble.

The construction of the Big Buddha statue, which is free of charge, started in 2004 and the statue is completely finished.

However, works continue in the museum section at the bottom of the statue. The face of the Big Buddha statue faces Phang Nga Bay.

What islands can you visit where to go in Thailand from Phuket?

I have listed the places I think you should primarily visit on Phuket Island for you. You will say, “So where is the information on the famous islands?” I hope we will share it in another article.

I have listed to you what you can only do on Phuket island under this Phuket guide. If you wish, you can purchase tours to go to different tropical islands such as James Bond Island, Phi Phi Island, Similan Island with daily Phuket tours.

Plan for 3 days where to go in Thailand to visit Phuket and 1 day for each island tour. For example, if you are going to take all of Phi Phi, Similan, and James Bond island tours, you will have to stay at least 6 nights in Phuket.

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